Understanding and Addressing Antisemitism in the Workplace

This recording aims to support individuals to recognise antisemitism within their organisations and to provide them with practical and appropriate strategies to address it.

31 January 2024


Neurodiversity Roundtable: Guidance and Good Practice

What is your approach to supporting neurodiverse employees, policy implementation, and neurodiversity managerial guidance? These topics and more were discussed during this roundtable.

30 January 2024


Inclusive Culture: An Intersectional Approach to Notable Dates

This webinar served as a deep dive into notable dates as a central theme in promoting workplace inclusion and employee wellbeing.

25 January 2024


Putting DEI First: Making the Business Case

This webinar discussed how to create a strong business case for your organisation to ensure DEI is taken seriously.

18 January 2024


British Beer and Pub Association: Culture, Spaces, and Environments

This webinar was the third in the Open to All series run by the Beer and Pub Association in partnership with enei, and explored the specific considerations in creating inclusive culture, spaces, and environments.

16 January 2024


Disability and Carers: Roles Beyond the Workplace

During this insightful webinar we discussed key principles for supporting carers in the workplace, thereby fostering a more inclusive and supportive work environment.

14 December 2023


Using the Right Words: Inclusive Communication

Want to keep up-to-date with evolving DEI terminology? During this session, we discussed good practice approaches to inclusive communication. 

6 December 2023


British Beer and Pub Association: Creating a Culture of Inclusive Leadership

This webinar is the second in the Open to All series run by the Beer and Pub Association in partnership with enei, and is designed to support hospitality businesses to drive inclusivity within their organisations.

29 November 2023


Trans Awareness Week: Q&A Interview with Max Siegel

enei marked #TransAwarenessWeek with a special Q&A interview featuring guest speaker and Linkedin Top 10 Voices, Max Siegel.

14 November 2023


AI’s Double-Edged Sword for Workplace DEI

This session explored the transformative role of AI in DEI, uncovered its potential in boosting employee wellbeing, and delved into the critical concerns shaping its future. 

7 November 2023