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How will my feedback be used?

We’re constantly striving to improve what we do, and your feedback helps us do this. Whether you’re looking to share a positive experience, ask a question, make a complaint, or provide a comment, we want to hear your thoughts via the form below.

What is a complaint?

A complaint expresses dissatisfaction with our services or the enei Team. We strive to provide top-quality customer service, and we take complaints very seriously.

Can I share a positive experience?

Positive feedback gives us an insight into what we’re doing right, so we know what is working.  

What happens once I submit my feedback?

We read all feedback carefully, but if you would like a response, please email, and we endeavour to respond to you within two working days.

How do I get in touch if my feedback is urgent?

If you have urgent feedback, please call 0203 053 6730 to speak to a member of the enei Team within our working hours which are Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm.