Sandi Wassmer: Featured Articles

We’re delighted to introduce you to a series of insightful articles showcasing our CEO, Sandi, exploring topics vital to Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI).

28 February 2024


Visibly Better Employer: RNIB Enhancing Workplace Inclusion for People with Sight Loss

Marie Clarkson from RNIB has written a guest blog which discusses the benefits of the Visibly Better Employer quality standard.

2 January 2024


Are your Jewish colleagues feeling safe?

In this blog, enei’s Head of Account Management and Business Development Jack Cluer challenges biases, advocates for awareness, and urges everyone to check in with Jewish colleagues for support.

18 December 2023


Fighting Antisemitism: A Plea for Understanding

Maurice Benisty’s guest blog emphasises the importance of addressing antisemitism in the aftermath of the October 7 attacks in Israel.

18 December 2023


Carer Status: The Crown Dependency of Guernsey Sets a Precedent

On 1 October 2023, the Prevention of Discrimination (Guernsey) Ordinance (2022) came into force, changing this Crown Dependency’s approach to workplace discrimination in a way that is unlike the rest of the UK.

20 October 2023


World Afro Day: Going with the ‘Fro

With World Afro Day on the calendar, Cathy Hudson, enei’s Marketing, PR, and Communications Coordinator explores the significance of the occasion. Once associated with stigma and a sense of inferiority by some, the afro is an aspect of Black cultural identity that is now celebrated and admired.

14 September 2023


Tips for creating an intersectional workplace

Are we, as humans, a collection of walking intersections? Emma Jennings, enei’s Diversity and Inclusion Lead, explores the nature of our complexities—full of layers and experiences that shape our social identities.

14 August 2023


The four-day work week: Work-life balance and the pursuit of the ‘sweet spot’ 

In this blog, enei Diversity and Inclusion Lead Hugh O’Keeffe explores the ‘four-day work week’ and opportunities for employers and employees alike to open the dialogue in favour of getting the balance right. Hugh views the ongoing discussion through a personal lens of his own support needs, expanding our workplace flexibility beyond legal requirements.

7 August 2023


The power of an intergenerational workforce: Embracing diversity and driving success

In today’s rapidly evolving workplace, an intergenerational workforce may serve as a catalyst for success. This blog by Kali Bolawole, enei’s Diversity and Inclusion Manager, explores how embracing diversity across different generations can foster innovation, productivity, and inclusivity within organisations.

26 July 2023


Celebrating all the wonderful things that make us human

enei’s CEO proudly reflects on the recent networking event held at the House of Lords, cherishing the opportunity for individuals to share their distinctive life experiences.

22 June 2023