StressLess: Prioritising Mental Health at Work

For Stress Awareness Month 2024, we invited workplace mental health experts from Headtorch to discuss ways to identify, reduce, and prevent stress in the workplace. 

24 April 2024


Navigating Inclusivity: Workplace Disability Etiquette

Discover the fundamentals of disability etiquette to cultivate a workplace environment that values understanding and respect, promoting inclusivity for all.

23 April 2024


Supporting Menstruation and Menstrual Health in the Workplace

Whether you’re at the initial stages or well into your journey towards achieving menstrual equity in the workplace, this practical session was designed to inspire and empower you further.

17 April 2024


Insights from Award-Winning Employee Network Groups

This session uncovered the success stories of two award-winning organisations celebrated for their exceptional employee network groups.

26 March 2024


Panel Event: Navigating ADHD

This panel event explored ADHD’s impact on work, dispelled myths, and uncovered strategies for building an inclusive and supportive environment.

21 March 2024


DEI Strategy: Developing Strategic Direction

This informative webinar explored the intricacies of formulating strategies for DEI.

13 March 2024


British Beer and Pub Association: Inclusive Cultures, Equity Beyond Equality

The fourth in a series presented by enei in partnership with the BBPA focused on embedding and promoting diversity and inclusion across hospitality businesses.

12 March 2024


International Women’s Day: Inspire Inclusion

Dive into a wealth of experience and insights as diverse female leaders take the stage in this recording commemorating International Women’s Day.

6 March 2024


Q&A with enei DEI Influencers of the Year 2023

In this intimate fireside chat, we talked to our influencers to learn what it takes to inspire others in the field of DEI.

5 March 2024


Pride in Work: A Journey Through LGBT+ History and Inclusion

This session provided a captivating exploration through the rich tapestry of LGBT+ history in medicine.

20 February 2024