Embedding and Sustaining DEI Practices: Data

During this session, enei Inclusivity Excellence Award winners in 2023, Asahi, shared insights on how to take the initial steps towards gaining a comprehensive understanding of your workforce, its diversity, and its needs.

2 July 2024


Progressing Pride: Linking Generations of LGBT+ Workplace Experience

This session delved into the shifting landscape of LGBT+ workplace inclusion with an intergenerational dialogue.

25 June 2024


Equality in Action: Rethinking Impact Assessments in the Public Sector

This event discussed the transformative power of Equality Impact Assessments in the public sector.

18 June 2024


Building Long-Term Support for Grieving Employees

This event was dedicated to building strategies to navigate the intersection of caregiving and grief, for Carers Week and beyond.

11 June 2024


Data-Driven DEI Insights from TIDE Gold Award Winners

This panel discussion featured outstanding organisations that have attained gold status in enei’s Talent Inclusion and Diversity Evaluation (TIDE) Awards.

28 May 2024


Global Accessibility Awareness Day

In recognition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), this session featured insights from digital accessibility expert, James Hall from HeX and enei CEO, Sandi Wassmer.

16 May 2024


Being Anti-Racist – What Does It Mean?

This engaging session navigated the depths of anti-racism and equipped employers with actionable strategies for driving positive change in the workplace.

15 May 2024


StressLess: Prioritising Mental Health at Work

For Stress Awareness Month 2024, we invited workplace mental health experts from Headtorch to discuss ways to identify, reduce, and prevent stress in the workplace. 

24 April 2024


Navigating Inclusivity: Workplace Disability Etiquette

Discover the fundamentals of disability etiquette to cultivate a workplace environment that values understanding and respect, promoting inclusivity for all.

23 April 2024


Supporting Menstruation and Menstrual Health in the Workplace

Whether you’re at the initial stages or well into your journey towards achieving menstrual equity in the workplace, this practical session was designed to inspire and empower you further.

17 April 2024