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TIDE is enei’s self-assessment, evaluation, and benchmarking tool, which measures an organisation’s strides and strategies in fostering diversity and inclusion within the following areas:

  • Your workforce
  • Strategy and plan
  • Leadership and accountability
  • Recruitment and attraction
  • Training and development
  • Other employment practices
  • Communication and engagement
  • Procurement

TIDE supports flexible and inclusive management of D&I, moving away from strand specific language and approach, allowing organisations to focus on the areas that will make the most difference. It evaluates D&I activities and outcomes with geographic and legislative differences.

TIDE is accessible, fast, and easy to complete, requiring minimal time-consuming evidence gathering.


  • TIDE is FREE for enei members.
  • TIDEmark, the annual benchmark, enables you to compare yourself to other organisations.
  • Inclusive language and flexible framework make TIDE relevant across the globe.
  • Instant results demonstrate actions required to see improvement.

What do I get?

A personalised report

TIDE generates a personalised report that clearly shows how your score was built up and how higher scores can be achieved including: 

  • Your overall score, showing where your organisation sits on enei’s Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap. 
  • Your score and Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap position for each of the eight individual sections. 
  • The questions, answers, and your percentage score for each question so you can identify strengths and areas for improvement. 

Unlike some other evaluation and benchmark surveys, the TIDE report allows you to see clearly how your score was built up and how higher scores can be achieved. 

The TIDEmark

All TIDE entries will be benchmarked against all other entries each year. This will be known as the TIDEmark. When a minimum level of entries in a particular sector or country is achieved, we will also benchmark and share these results. 

The best entries will be awarded bronze, silver, and gold TIDE awards. Award holders will be able to demonstrate their achievement by displaying electronic TIDE award badges and logos on websites and literature. 

Organisations achieving the best results will also be recognised each year at the annual enei awards and may be invited to share their practices and achievements at future enei events. You can register for TIDE here.

How does TIDE work? 

A hand holds a pen to a diagram depicting a circular process image with various images for each stage of the process.

The process

TIDE is a self-assessment evaluation that uses Probench, our secure and easy to use online platform.

The main contact for each member automatically receives access to TIDE when becoming an enei member.

Photo shows a man ina business suit shown from the neck down, holding a tablet. Above the tablet surface, a row of gold stars hover, scattered with glittering motes.

The scoring

Results are provided in a report for strategy feedback.

Entries can be updated year-round except during the benchmarking period. Completing TIDE by May 31 enters organisations into enei’s TIDEmark program. Scores, out of 100, are generated based on rules, with feedback reports illustrating score breakdown and improvement strategies.

Image shows a traditional blue alarm clock with text boxes emerging which say "Deadline ahead".

The deadline

TIDE is a continuous evaluation and is available all year round. Whenever you choose to complete it, you will receive the report with your results immediately after submission. However, the TIDEmark is taken once a year.

The deadline for TIDE benchmarking 2024 is 1 pm on Friday 31 May.

Quick Guide: TIDE (Talent Inclusion and Diversity Evaluation) FAQs contains some answers to common questions about TIDE.

enei provides you with the opportunity to have your evaluation analysed by a member of our D&I team, who can assist you in identifying and prioritising actionable steps. If this service is of interest to you, please reach out to your designated account manager for additional details and pricing.

Get in touch

If you have any questions regarding TIDE, contact your account manager or drop us a line and we’ll be delighted to assist.

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