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We love helping organisations navigate the path to inclusion and belonging.

Wherever your organisation is on its inclusion journey—whether you’re just starting out, working in an inclusive culture, or anywhere in between—our training and consulting programmes can be customised to meet your needs. We are here to help you progress along the journey and create the sense of belonging we are all striving towards.

Inclusive recruitment involves actively involving and employing a broad range of individuals with diverse backgrounds, educational qualifications, professional experience, and life paths. It ensures not only the greatest diversity of staff but also the highest quality selection of candidates.

Our Inclusive Recruitment training is designed to help recruiters, hiring managers, HR professionals, and other members of the recruitment and hiring team increase the diversity of their candidate pools and better equip them to create an equitable and inclusive recruitment process that reaches and welcomes candidates from all backgrounds.

This type of training covers topics such as understanding different perspectives and experiences of applicants, the development of more appropriate and effective job postings, tactics to eliminate unconscious bias, the evaluation of candidates without reliance on stereotypes, the use of alternative assessment methods, and much more.

Our Inclusive Recruitment training can have a great impact on creating a process that identifies and hires the best candidates for the job, regardless of background. The training will benefit recruitment managers who will be inspired to build diverse teams who possess enhanced abilities to be creative and innovative at work.

We design and deliver diversity, equality, and inclusion training programmes for everyone, from small teams to entire organisations, either directly or through train the trainer programmes, and work across all disciplines and levels within an organisation, from DEI practitioners through to senior leaders and boards.

Talk to us about creating a tailor-made programme to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

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