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Welcome to our hub of exclusive resources and inspiration to help our member organisations celebrate Pride and LGBT+ history months.

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Welcome to enei’s LGBTQ+ and Pride Hub. 

Pride Month 202

What is the significance of Pride Month? 

Pride is dedicated to recognising and uplifting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) voices. It commemorates a series of protests organised by the Gay Liberation Front (GLF). The initial uprising took place after police raided the Stonewall Inn—a gay bar in New York City—on 28 June 1969.   

In the aftermath of the raid, LGBTQ+ people organised spontaneous demonstrations to protest the action and fight for their rights. According to the UK Parliament, the first Pride marches took place across the US on 28 June 1970, while the first UK Pride demonstration was held in London on 1 July 1972.  

Since the uprising, LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies have worked to give members of this community the right to get married, start families, and combat discrimination in work and society. As such, Pride has become a time to acknowledge the progress that has been made, recognise the issues that the community still face, and amplify the voices that need support.  

Pride events take place throughout the year in London, Brighton, Manchester, Reading, Birmingham, and other cities and towns around the entire UK. Generally, each city selects a theme for its events, which can range from parades to festivals to other types of activities.   

Getting everyone involved 

Consulting with staff or network groups on what your organisation does around Pride Month (and other key diversity and inclusion events throughout the year) is key.

A diverse group of people will generate more creative solutions; therefore, senior leadership should aim to consult with all staff members and communicate authentically in a way that inspires trust, loyalty, and wellbeing.

What can you do? 

To celebrate Pride Month, enei offers a range of resources suitable for businesses, services, and other organisations that wish to participate. We have put together a useful Quick Guide: LGBTQ+ Pride which includes activities you may wish to consider when planning Pride events for your organisation.  

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Resources and information


Our blog posts are open access and available to both members and non-members. They offer advice and support in the form of opinion pieces on various diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) aspects of the workplace. They may be based on personal experiences and may explore how such encounters had an impact on the contributor and others around them.

Embracing Sexuality Without the Labels: A Journey of Discovery  – Every year, the month of June is celebrated as Pride Month. In honour of this, Michelle Davies—former service design and operations director at enei—shared her personal thoughts about sexual orientation and identity. 

National Coming Out Day – National Coming Out Day is an annual observance on 11 October to recognise and celebrate queer identities to decrease stigma, homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia. In this blog post, Emma Jennings, enei diversity and inclusion lead, explains how coming out can be tiring. 

Can LGBTQ+ Rights and Religious Belief Rights Coexist in the Workplace?  – For LGBT History Month 2022, our CEO Sandi Wassmer examined what can happen when LGBTQ+ rights and religious beliefs are in conflict. 

Celebrating 50 Years of LGBTQ+ Pride: Ten LGBTQ+ Icons Who Inspire Us – June 2022 marked 50 years since the first Pride march in the UK. Here at enei, we recognised the importance of celebrating this milestone and commemorated the occasion by sharing some of the LGBTQ+ icons we admire. 

Quick Guides

Quick guides offer support and advice in the form of checklists, process maps, charts, fast facts, top tips, downloadable handouts, and other useful resources. These resources are for enei members only, so if you’re not a member yet, contact us to find out more about how to join!

Allyship – LGBTQ+ – This guide provides practical strategies and resources to enhance LGBTQ+ allyship initiatives within organisations. 

Celebrate Bisexuality Day – This quick guide explores ways that employers can support and acknowledge their bisexual colleagues during Celebrate Bisexuality Day.

Gender Expression – Gender expression refers to the way in which people communicate their gender identity to others through their behaviours, appearance, and other social cues.

Gender Identity – This guide provides an overview of gender identity. It also explains some different terms associated with gender identity and examines corresponding legislation. 

Intersectionality – Intersectionality refers to the interconnected nature of social categories (such as race, gender, class, and sexuality), and how they interact and contribute to systems of oppression and privilege. 

Lesbian Visibility Day – This quick guide explores ways that employers and managers can support and celebrate their lesbian employees during Lesbian Visibility Day. 

LGBT+ History Month – This quick guide explains the significance of LGBT+ history month and provides information on how you might celebrate it in your workplace.

LGBTQ+ Pride – This quick guide explains the significance of Pride and can be used to help you determine how your workplace can recognise its importance. 

Sexual Orientation – This quick guide looks at how it is illegal for employers to discriminate because of sexual orientation under equality and discrimination laws in the UK. 


These are videos related to diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. Videos may be presented in various formats including webinars, interviews, roundtables, panel discussions, and more. Our extensive video library is available to enei members only, so if you’re not a member yet, contact us to find out more about how to join! 

Celebrating 50 years of LGBTQ+ Pride  – In June 2022, Jordan Daly and Liam Stevenson were interviewed by enei as part of our recognition of 50 years of Pride. 

Creating Inclusive Workplaces: Intersectionality in the LGBTQ+ Community – During this webinar, the speaker explored how to apply intersectional principles in the workplace. 

Gender Identity 101 – Creating Trans Inclusive Workplaces – Watch the recording of this webinar to learn how you can create a more inclusive environment for your trans employees and service users.  

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