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Making happiness and belonging at work the norm

We are driven by the belief that a world where workplaces are truly inclusive is possible. We work with you to ensure your employees have a sense of belonging, represent the customers and communities they serve, and are fulfilled and productive. Our incredible team of account managers and diversity, equality, and inclusion practitioners enables us to get closer to that vision daily.

Putting diversity and inclusion at the centre of workplace culture

We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes and across the public, private, and third sectors at varying stages of their inclusion journeys. We give you access to exceptional information, advice, support, events, and training across all aspects of workplace diversity, equality, and inclusion, and our training and consultancy clients enjoy tailored programmes from the development of inclusive recruitment processes to inclusive leadership training and from helping them to create dynamic employee resource groups (ERGs) and network groups through to culture change.

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Here’s what our members say about us…

I contacted enei initially to organise EDI Train the Trainer training for a small group of people in our organisation. We looked at other providers of such training but decided to go ahead with enei because of the membership and its benefits. The training was fantastic—our trainer David was very good and equipped us with skills and knowledge we need to train people in the organisation. He was also so fun to work with. We have been making the most out of the membership since we joined—spreading the word about events and resources among our colleagues and completing the TIDE assessment. We really look forward to working with enei further and making the most of their expertise and networking with other organisations.

Joanna Sopylo-Firrisa, Organisational Development Lead, Make a Wish Foundation