British Beer and Pub Association: Inclusive Cultures, Equity Beyond Equality

The fourth in a series presented by enei in partnership with the BBPA focused on embedding and promoting diversity and inclusion across hospitality businesses.

Event Disclaimer

The views expressed by speakers during this event are based on their own personal perspectives and experiences and do not necessarily reflect those of enei. The language and terminology used by speakers do not represent the views of all people who share the speakers’ identities or protected characteristics. enei aims to create an open and respectful space for dialogue.

Please be advised that the information presented in this event was accurate as of the time of recording.

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Highlights and takeaways

This objectives of this session were to:

  • Understand the difference between equality and equity 
  • Understand what equity in the workplace looks like in practice 
  • Understand the barriers faced by different people in the workplace, and the negative impact this has on individuals and organisations 
  • Discuss best practice solutions for ensuring equity in the workplace, and how to implement some of these things straight away 

Who might benefit from viewing the recording of this event?

This webinar was open to anyone interested in making their organisation more inclusive, but we would particularly recommend it to HR teams, managers and senior leaders.  

Who were our guest speakers?

Emma Jennings, Diversity and Inclusion Lead, enei

Emma supports organisations on their DEI strategy, aims, and initiatives in her role at enei. She believes that change should be informed by lived experience and is an advocate for using data and consultation work to identify gaps. Her consultancy experience ranges from short term projects covering the employee lifecycle, to larger scale culture change projects. 

With experience as an LGBTQ+ network chair, she has helped to inform other networks by drawing on lessons learned. Emma’s event and facilitation skills can be seen in enei’s vibrant events calendar and she will often be found hosting, speaking, or facilitating at a range of events. With experience in communications and content writing, Emma has been a regular contributor to enei’s vast resource library and has used her knowledge to build a number of materials for members. 

Gill Thomas, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Balfour Beatty

Gill Thomas headshot

Gill is a seasoned HR professional with over 14 years of experience specialising in Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). Currently, she leads the Value Everyone D&I strategy as the D&I Lead at Balfour Beatty. Gill possesses extensive experience from previous roles at BT, the Royal Academy of Engineering, and the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (enei). She is driven by a passion for creating inclusive workplaces where everyone feels empowered.

Catharina Von Franck, Commercial Director On-Trade, Diageo GB

Catharina Von Franck headshot

Catharina was born in Germany and educated in Cologne, Denmark, Italy, and the USA gaining three masters degrees along the way. She began her career in Germany with KMPG and she joined Diageo, from L’Oréal, in 2012 as Europe Customer Marketing Director – Luxury brands. In 2017 she moved to New York to become Global Commercial Director for Smirnoff. Catharina moved to Italy in 2019 to become Head of Reserve.


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This event was presented and moderated by Hugh O’Keeffe from the enei team. The session was conducted on 12 March 2024.

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