Quick Guide

Memory Loss in the Workplace – Introduction

This quick guide introduces the subject of memory loss in the workplace.

18 March 2024


Inclusive Workplaces: Navigating Dementia and Memory Loss

Gain invaluable insights into developing effective strategies to enhance support within the workplace for individuals managing the challenges of dementia.

7 March 2024

Case Study

Balfour Beatty – Spotlight on Enhancing Wellbeing and Belonging at Work

Balfour Beatty is a global infrastructure group with 12,000 employees. The firm specialises in financing, designing, managing, and maintaining innovative projects throughout the infrastructure life cycle.

22 January 2024


Supporting an Intergenerational Workforce

This insightful session explored the power of an intergenerational workforce through a diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) lens. 

22 August 2023


Tips for creating an intersectional workplace

Are we, as humans, a collection of walking intersections? Emma Jennings, enei’s Diversity and Inclusion Lead, explores the nature of our complexities—full of layers and experiences that shape our social identities.

14 August 2023


The four-day work week: Work-life balance and the pursuit of the ‘sweet spot’ 

In this blog, enei Diversity and Inclusion Lead Hugh O’Keeffe explores the ‘four-day work week’ and opportunities for employers and employees alike to open the dialogue in favour of getting the balance right. Hugh views the ongoing discussion through a personal lens of his own support needs, expanding our workplace flexibility beyond legal requirements.

7 August 2023


The power of an intergenerational workforce: Embracing diversity and driving success

In today’s rapidly evolving workplace, an intergenerational workforce may serve as a catalyst for success. This blog by Kali Bolawole, enei’s former Diversity and Inclusion Manager, explores how embracing diversity across different generations can foster innovation, productivity, and inclusivity within organisations.

26 July 2023

Quick Guide

Creating an Inclusive Workplace for all Ages

The purpose of this document is to offer employers guidance on how to create an inclusive working environment for all ages.

21 July 2023


Celebrating all the wonderful things that make us human

enei’s CEO proudly reflects on the recent networking event held at the House of Lords, cherishing the opportunity for individuals to share their distinctive life experiences.

22 June 2023


Panel Webinar: Allyship

This webinar explored the importance of allyship schemes, and the role of senior leaders in embedding allyship to create inclusive cultures.

15 June 2023