Trans Awareness Week: Q&A Interview with Max Siegel

enei marked #TransAwarenessWeek with a special Q&A interview featuring guest speaker and Linkedin Top 10 Voices, Max Siegel.

14 November 2023


Menopause Matters: Menopause in the Workplace

This session will ensure you’re not missing out on the wealth of talent within the fastest-growing demographic in the UK workforce.

12 October 2023

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Gender Expression

This guide provides an overview of gender expression.

2 June 2023


Why include pronouns in e-mail signatures? 

As the debate around being politically correct continues to heat up, enei’s Content Editor Heidi Schwartz ponders the purpose of proper pronouns.

27 April 2023

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Face Equality Week 

Face Equality Week is an event that takes place in the United Kingdom (UK) each year.

5 April 2023

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This guide provides an overview of microaggressions in the workplace, including information to support identifying microaggressions and understanding their impact in the workplace.

16 March 2023

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Intersectionality refers to the interconnected nature of social categories (such as race, gender, class, and sexuality), and how they interact and contribute to systems of oppression and privilege.

23 February 2023


Words Matter: The Importance of Inclusive Language

Language is powerful—it is constantly evolving—and can have both positive and negative effects

4 August 2022


Creating Inclusive Workplaces: Intersectionality in the LGBTQ+ Community

During this webinar, the speaker explored how to apply intersectional principles in the workplace.

1 August 2022

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Reasonable Adjustments – Guidance for Managers

Best practice employers who wish to create truly inclusive workplaces will consider the individual needs of their employees and ensure they have sufficient support throughout their employment.

17 June 2022