British Beer and Pub Association: Creating a Culture of Inclusive Leadership

This webinar is the second in the Open to All series run by the Beer and Pub Association in partnership with enei, and is designed to support hospitality businesses to drive inclusivity within their organisations.

This online event explored how the hospitality sector can foster inclusivity across their organisations. 

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Event Disclaimer

The views expressed by speakers during this event are based on their own personal perspectives and experiences and do not necessarily reflect those of enei. The language and terminology used by speakers do not represent the views of all people who share the speakers’ identities or protected characteristics. enei aims to create an open and respectful space for dialogue.

Please be advised that the information presented in this event was accurate as of the time of recording.

Highlights and takeaways

This session focused on the following topics:

  • Understanding why senior buy-in and inclusive leadership at all levels is essential to create an inclusive culture. 
  • What inclusive leadership looks like.
  • Practical resources and ideas to help them be and/or develop more inclusive leaders in their organisations. 

Who might benefit from viewing the recording of this event?

This is a webinar open to anyone interested in making their organisation more inclusive, but we would particularly recommend that HR teams, managers, and senior leaders attend. 

Who were our guest speakers?

David Hull-Watters, Associate Consultant, enei.

Garry Clarke-Strange, Head of Inclusion and Diversity, Greene King.

Sarah Churchman, Former Chief Inclusion and Wellbeing Officer, PwC and Trustee, enei.


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This event was presented by Hugh O’Keeffe from the enei team and featured guest speakers Sarah Churchman, Garry Clarke-Strange, and David Hull-Watters. The session was conducted on 14 September 2023.

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