Local Partnerships – Spotlight on Progressive, Agile, and Flexible Working Practices

Established in 2009, Local Partnerships has approximately 75 employees and is an in-house consultancy jointly owned by the Local Government Association (LGA), HM Treasury, and the Welsh Government.

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Local Partnerships faced challenges in achieving diversity and inclusion (D&I) success due to limited resources and infrastructure. Budget constraints hindered efforts to attract diverse candidates and invest in retention initiatives. Without robust networks, colleagues may not have felt empowered to share experiences or make adjustment requests. External recognition in D&I indices was also more challenging.

Innovative actions

Despite challenges, Local Partnerships innovatively fostered an inclusive culture and supported employee wellbeing by adapting working patterns, offering genuine flexibility, and ensuring all employees, including apprentices, received at least the London Living Wage. Training on hybrid working and inclusive remote meetings was provided, with accessible in-person options available.
A media campaign attracted diverse applicants, while a career development path and personal training budget empowered employees to advance their careers. These initiatives enhanced satisfaction, mental wellbeing, and a commitment to inclusivity and employee development.

Evidence of impact

Client feedback and staff surveys confirmed that work-life balance did not affect work outputs, with a 3% increase in utilisation rates. Media campaigns promoting flexibility doubled new recruits with long-term disabilities. Career prospects were unaffected by flexible hours, evidenced by more senior managers working part-time. Flexibility also improved overall employee wellbeing and mental health, as indicated by wellbeing survey results. This approach facilitated effective collaboration and strong client relationships, reducing unnecessary travel and aligning with environmental goals.
Flexibility and adaptability are now ingrained in the organisation’s culture, led by the senior leadership team, who actively seek team opinions on new initiatives. The HR Director ensures all new starters understand flexible working, while the marketing and communications team promotes these initiatives internally and externally.

The information contained within this resource was accurate at the time of its publication. This article was created in March 2024.

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