Improving Workplace Gender Equality and the Gender Pay Gap

This event presented attendees with the opportunity to imagine a gender equal world.

8 March 2022


Trans Awareness

This Q&A session examined what it was like for one person to transition in a male dominated industry.

7 February 2022


How to Talk about Cancer at Work

This event provided attendees with insight into how to support people in the workplace who are living with cancer.

3 February 2022


Understanding Religion and Worldviews in the Workplace

This webinar introduced the religion and worldviews dimension in the workplace.

19 January 2022


Supporting Bereaved Colleagues in Your Workplace

This event looked at what it takes for companies to support staff members who are grieving.

7 December 2021


Understanding Gender Identity

After providing an overview of the challenges faced by trans workers, this discussion looked at ways to develop a supportive culture.

20 October 2021


Introduction to Workplace Racial Equality

This event provided a practical examination of three workplace policies dealing with race.

1 October 2021