Unconscious bias e-learning

Our unconscious bias e-learning course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of unconscious bias.

Unconscious bias in the workplace impacts recruitment decisions, employee development, impairing diversity and retention rates, as well as promoting a disconnected culture.

Our brains use visual, verbal and behavioural clues to categorise others. We do this through a process of rapid categorisation that is both natural and necessary for our survival. The downside of rapid categorisation is that our brains often misread the clues of our unconscious judgements. This shifts us from danger detectors to social labelling and stereotyping, leading to high levels of prejudice and discrimination.

Building on enei’s outstanding subject matter knowledge, this 30-minute e-learning tool uses a range of visual graphics, videos, workplace examples and engaging interactions to give organisations an opportunity to educate their managers and employees in a fun and interactive way.

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A flexible approach to learning

Designed for staff at all levels, this course enables learners to develop a clear understanding of different types of bias, barriers to Inclusion, and the manifestation and impact of these behaviours and how to mitigate against them. This course is useful for all employees and managers.

The tool is compatible with all devices – desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones – making it accessible and easy to navigate for learners, wherever they are. This tool offers organisations a flexible learning approach.

We can tailor the product to meet your exact needs. Costing can be provided upon request. This includes incorporating logos and editing the content to ensure all written scenarios and examples fit your requirements. This is particularly useful for organisations working globally and across borders to offer consistency of messaging whilst having local relevance and application.

Our e-learning tool includes a set of test questions offering enei Members and clients the reassurance that learners have understood the key learning objectives. We are also able to track user completion rates. On completion of the course, they will receive a completion certificate.

Learning Modules

This module gives learners an overview of diversity & inclusion, legislation, protected characteristics, the business case and looking at the barriers to inclusion.

Using activities to illustrate fast and slow thinking, what makes fast thinking more dominant, the theory behind Unconscious Bias and the key need-to-knows.

Explores the different types of bias that can occur in the workplace with key examples.

This module looks at the impact bias can have in terms of micro-behaviours. It also looks at the positive micro-behaviours people can use to create good environments and feelings of belonging.

Our e-learning tool provides learners with the reason to change behaviour and thinking, best practice Top Tips to overcome bias and the foundations to agree an action plan, helping to create a more inclusive and enjoyable working environment.

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