Mental Health & Wellbeing e-learning

Protect your Mental Health & Wellbeing with our e-learning course


enei have teamed up with Wellbeing & Health In Business who have wellbeing experts and occupational health specialists with over 20 years’ experience to deliver our new e-learning course - Mental Health and Wellbeing: Personal Guide

This e-learning course will equip your workforce with research-backed top tips to help them personally manage and maintain their Mental Health and Wellbeing, with reference to both the workplace and day-to-day lifestyle.

  • Introduction to Mental Health and Wellbeing and the current situation both in the UK and globally
  • Understand definitions of Mental Health and Wellbeing and how this relates to work
  •  Identify and understand 6 key Top Tips for managing your Mental Health and Wellbeing
  •  Recognise other factors that can have an impact on your Mental Health and Wellbeing
  •  Reflect on the content of this course and create any action plans or changes for the future

5 Modules:

Overview of Mental Health and Wellbeing in the UK and globally, with related statistics and studies.

What wellbeing means, what good Mental Health and Wellbeing might look like, benefits of good work, and what diagnosed conditions mean when looking at Wellbeing.

In-depth view into 6 Key Top Tips for helping to manage your Mental Health and Wellbeing. These include:

o          Physical Activity and Exercise

o          Relax and Switch off – Mindfulness

o          Positive Relationships

o          Pursuing a Passion & Learning

o          Appreciation and Gratitude

o          Giving to Others

Explore the possible impact of other aspects of lifestyle choices on Mental Health and Wellbeing with tips on how to personally review and implement a plan for positive change.

Highlighting the fact that sometimes we don’t feel well, for whatever reason that maybe. It focuses on spotting the signs of when you aren’t feeling well and where you can turn to for more help.


This course has the endorsement of Wellbeing & Health In Business ( who specialise in Mental Health and Wellbeing. They work collaboratively with employers to increase insight & solutions into how business functions affect employee performance & Wellbeing.


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Mental Health and Wellbeing e-learning