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Diversity benchmarking

e-quality is a one-stop shop for diversity benchmarking.

e-quality is a pioneering tool designed by us to benchmark organisational performance in equality and diversity. It covers the nine protected groups defined in the Equality Act 2010 – as well as other groups – and assesses performance in relation to five key areas of diversity:
- Organisational commitment and leadership
- Integrating equality, diversity and inclusion
- Organisational improvements
- Knowing your workforce
- External relations and suppliers

  • Complete e-quality online via  a simple, secure website
  • Questions can be forwarded to others in your organisation to complete
  • It can be completed in two to three  hours and can be done in stages, and you can save your responses after each session
  • FREE for enei Members
  • Enables you to compare yourself to other organisations
  • Demonstrates your progress in embedding diversity in your business strategy
  • Share your values  to staff, customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders
  • Provides a cost effective one-stop shop for  diversity benchmarking

- A detailed report to inform and support your diversity and inclusion action plans. e-quality reports your results on each key area, together with the minimum, maximum and average scores achieved by participating organisations.
- An executive summary template to facilitate the presentation of results to your business leaders.
- A certificate confirming your participation and the ranking you achieved.
- Gold standard organisations will receive their certificates at the enei Awards on 11 July 2017!

e-quality is a cost effective tool. Early bird discounts are available for applications received before 28 February 2017. Full price*/Early bird discount prices are:


Full price*

Early bird discount price**







*           Plus VAT
**         Plus VAT – early bird discount offered on all applications received          before 28 February 2017

Please speak to your Member engagement manager if your Membership is part of a collective proposition that you think includes preferential rates for e-quality.


e-quality submissions for 2017 are now closed. Sign up to our newsletter for more information on e-quality 2018.