BHM2023 – Guest Interview with Jarell Bempong

This informative session in celebration of Black History Month featured Jarell Bempong.

25 October 2023


Menopause Matters: Menopause in the Workplace

This session will ensure you’re not missing out on the wealth of talent within the fastest-growing demographic in the UK workforce.

12 October 2023


Panel Event: Accelerating Equity for Black Women

This unique online event was dedicated to creating an inclusive and equitable world for Black women.

10 October 2023


Neurodiversity Roundtable: Networking for DEI Professionals

This session provided a great opportunity to discover neurodiversity’s impact, learn from experts, and strategise for an inclusive and diverse workforce.

26 September 2023

Quick Guide

Dyslexia Awareness Week

This quick guide introduces Dyslexia Awareness Week and provides insights on how organisations can support employees with dyslexia, fostering an understanding and inclusive environment.

20 September 2023

Quick Guide

Tourette Syndrome (TS) in the Workplace 

This quick guide provides an overview of Tourette Syndrome in the context of employment.

14 September 2023

Quick Guide

World Mental Health Day

This quick guide can be used to inform your workplace during World Mental Health Day, which is held annually on 10 October.

12 September 2023


London Regional In-Person Event: BHM2023 – Celebrating Our Sisters

Dive into a transformative experience this Black History Month as we present our networking event, designed to enlighten, empower, and engage in critical conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

4 September 2023

Quick Guide

Dyspraxia in the Workplace

This quick guide provides an overview of dyspraxia in the context of employment.

31 August 2023

Quick Guide

Dyscalculia in the Workplace

This quick guide provides an overview of dyscalculia in the context of employment.

29 August 2023