Navigating the Workplace with Deafblindness

Join us this Deafblind Awareness Week as Emma Boswell reveals her journey and offers invaluable insights for fostering workplace diversity and accessibility.

8 May 2024


StressLess: Prioritising Mental Health at Work

For Stress Awareness Month 2024, we invited workplace mental health experts from Headtorch to discuss ways to identify, reduce, and prevent stress in the workplace. 

24 April 2024


Supporting Menstruation and Menstrual Health in the Workplace

Whether you’re at the initial stages or well into your journey towards achieving menstrual equity in the workplace, this practical session was designed to inspire and empower you further.

17 April 2024

Quick Guide

Mental Health Awareness Week 

This quick guide explains the significance of Mental Health Awareness Week.

16 April 2024


Allyship Hub

Welcome to our hub of exclusive resources and inspiration to help our member organisations promote allyship in the workplace.

16 April 2024

Quick Guide

Mental Health Conditions in the Workplace – Introduction  

This quick guide introduces the subject of mental health conditions in the workplace.

9 April 2024

Case Study

Buckinghamshire Council – Spotlight on Enhancing Wellbeing and Belonging at Work

Buckinghamshire Council, established in April 2020, is a Unitary Authority resulting from the amalgamation of the previous county and district councils throughout the region.

1 March 2024


Pride in Work: A Journey Through LGBT+ History and Inclusion

This session provided a captivating exploration through the rich tapestry of LGBT+ history in medicine.

20 February 2024

Quick Guide

Disability Language and Terminology

This guide aims to offer insight into the language and terminology that might be associated with different disabilities.

12 February 2024


Neurodiversity Roundtable: Guidance and Good Practice

What is your approach to supporting neurodiverse employees, policy implementation, and neurodiversity managerial guidance? These topics and more were discussed during this roundtable.

30 January 2024