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Welcome to our hub of exclusive resources and inspiration to help our member organisations promote allyship in the workplace.

16 April 2024

Quick Guide

Non-Binary Equality in the Workplace

The purpose of this quick guide is to offer some suggestions on how to embed equality and inclusion for non-binary employees and candidates.

13 December 2023


Using the Right Words: Inclusive Communication

Want to keep up-to-date with evolving DEI terminology? During this session, we discussed good practice approaches to inclusive communication. 

6 December 2023


Trans Awareness Week: Q&A Interview with Max Siegel

enei marked #TransAwarenessWeek with a special Q&A interview featuring guest speaker and Linkedin Top 10 Voices, Max Siegel.

14 November 2023

Quick Guide

Trans Day of Remembrance

This quick guide can help inform your workplace about Trans Day of Remembrance (TDoR).

24 October 2023

Quick Guide

Trans Equality in the Workplace

The purpose of this document is to offer employers guidance on how to embed trans equality in the workplace.

20 July 2023


Sexual Orientation: Understanding Workplace Experience and Increasing Support for Employees

We often assume the lesbian, bisexual and gay community are a collective unit of solidarity. This session discussed ways we can all ensure intersectional LGB experiences are not erased in the workplace.

4 July 2023


Celebrating all the wonderful things that make us human

enei’s CEO proudly reflects on the recent networking event held at the House of Lords, cherishing the opportunity for individuals to share their distinctive life experiences.

22 June 2023


Trans Inclusion: Creating Better Workplaces for Trans Employees

Have you ever wondered how you can ensure trans employees are included and have a voice in your organisation? Or where to start when writing a trans inclusion policy?
Join us for an insightful panel webinar where we’ll discuss this and much more.

21 June 2023

Quick Guide

International Non-Binary People’s Day

This Quick Guide can help inform your workplace about International Non-Binary People’s Day, which is celebrated annually across the globe.

21 June 2023