16th March 2021

The Lived Experience of the Returner Talent Pool: Findings from 2020 Research

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Hiring diverse employees is good for business and being inclusive is a high priority when employing staff. This includes ensuring opportunities are available and accessible to those who may be overlooked.

This includes Returners - returning to work after a career break can be daunting. Returners may experience confidence, unsure about which way to go, how to get there or whether it is even possible. To explore and understand the barriers Returners face, in 2020, enei partnered with MyKindaFuture to conduct an anonymous survey focus group with Returners.

We wanted to find out more about their concerns and the challenges they face when going back to work. We have now published our joint report, findings, and insights.   The survey results showed that 67% of our respondents attributed their reason for being out of the workplace for 1+ years to childcare responsibilities. 47% reported the primary reason for their return to be to continue their career.

We found that key areas for improvement between employers and returners included increased communication, more support in technical upskilling and less complex HR processes. 47% of returners required support from their employer between offer acceptance and starting their role. 21% of our respondents required support from their employer once in role, however, did not receive any. Those who did receive support reported the best means to be through mentoring, peer-to-peer networks, and employer feedback.

Members can use our report as a guide when developing and implementing strategies for recruiting Returners, helping them to arrive in the business prepared, engaged and empowered to thrive.

“This report gives insight into lower levels of confidence that might be the starting point, but not the destination, of Returners. Giving effective and authentic routes back into the workplace helps Returners to quickly regain their professional ground and sense of worth.” – Sigrid Fisher, Relationship Manager – enei, and D&I Consultant.


The Lived Experience of the Returner Talent Pool - MyKindaFuture enei .pdf