21st December 2021

What caused the talent crisis – and how can HR solve it?

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  • What caused the talent crisis – and how can HR solve it?

In some sectors, the labour market is far from buoyant – but HR can play a key role in ensuring the worker shortages seen this year are a thing of the past as we move into 2022.

When it came to tackling the toughest recruitment and retention crisis she’s experienced, home care business founder Camille Leavold decided to steal an idea from the world of customer service. “We got the idea from Sky,” she laughs. “If you call them up telling them you’re going to leave, they won’t let you. So if our staff are unhappy, we try to find out what the problem is, and tell them what we can offer. Perhaps they don’t like their rota or they feel like they’re doing a bad job because they’re having to travel all over the place. These things can be easily resolved.” Her company Abbots Care, which employs around 550 home carers, now has a dedicated team whose sole job is to look after the care workers’ welfare. “This team talks to the care workers, ensures they have the right PPE, and makes sure they’re OK,” she says. 

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