22nd January 2019

MPs have backed a petition calling for new laws over online abuse

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  • MPs have backed a petition calling for new laws over online abuse

220,000 people have supported Katie Price's demand to make online abuse a criminal offence.

Now MP's on the petition committee want the government to give disabled people protection under the hate crime laws.

After hearing from disabled people how online abuse could destroy careers, social lives and cause lasting damage to people's health, the MPs made a string of recommendations in a report, which included:

  • giving disabled people the same protections under hate crime laws as those who suffered abuse due to race or religion
  • review of the law on "mate crime" - exploitation within friendships or relationships
  • the government and social media companies directly consult disabled people on digital strategy and hate crime law
  • a review of the experience of disabled people in reporting crimes and giving evidence, because "too many disabled people have not been treated seriously because front-line officers and staff do not understand disability"
  • social media companies accept their responsibility for allowing toxic environments to exist unchallenged
  • to require proportionate representation of disabled people in government advertising

You can read the full BBC article here