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4th September 2018

Mid-career transitions of older military staff to civilian work

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The Officer’s Association has commissioned research into the experiences of military service people aged 50+ who make mid-career transitions into civilian work.

The research is being carried out by the Centre for Research into the Older Workforce (CROW) ( which has carried out research for several government departments including the HMRC, DWP and Foresight Future of Manufacturing projects. CROW is looking for employers to talk to in workshops to explore attitudes toward and experiences with recruiting and managing older ex-Service people.

As people are living healthier lives and staying work longer, many are considering changing occupations and industry in order to find new challenges and work which better suit their lifestyles.  This may be especially true for some older military service people who want to apply the skills, knowledge and experience which they have acquired in active service toward a new career. Making a successful job transition can be a challenge for veterans. While employers say they value ex-service people for their discipline, decision-making and critical thinking, many are uncertain of how they can use military acquired skills in their respective industries.  There is a great deal of evidence that a well-constructed plan for transitioning to civilian work can pay dividends to older veterans in finding jobs which they value.  CROW wants to talk to employers about their experiences with and attitudes toward recruiting and managing older veterans.

Questions which the researchers would like to explore are:

  • How are older ex-Service people’s skills valued by organisations
  • What are the organisational benefits of recruiting older ex-Service people
  • What were some of the biggest challenges they face in recruiting and managing older ex-Service people
  • What support is provided to ex-Service people who are recruited into civilian work
  • What the armed services, support organisations and employers can do to improve the transition of older ex-Service people into civilian work

2 workshops are being held and you can sign up to the events via Eventbrite:

Bristol (2nd October, 0745-0915)

Leeds (4th October from 0745-0915)