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8th July 2019

Government publish roadmap to tackle gender inequality

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The government has recently published Gender equality at every stage: a roadmap for change, setting out the vision and actions to tackle the persistent gendered inequalities women and men face across their lives, supporting them to contribute to the country’s economy and balance caring responsibilities with a rewarding career.

As part of this roadmap, the government have announced several new consultations to help improve gender equality in the workplace. These include a review into the enforcement of equal pay legislation, the launch of a consultation on employment rights for carers and plans to improve information for working parents around family-friendly entitlements.

The consultation will look at ways to increase transparency around parental leave and pay policies, improving the availability of flexible working in job adverts and the possibility of bringing in specific employment rights for people with caring responsibilities.

The announcements also included a review of the metrics used to measure the gender pay gap and the promise of a campaign to help employers understand how to support flexible working.

The report from the government shows their long term commitment to tackle the persistent gendered inequalities. The roadmap breaks down gender inequality into several components, which aim to offer practical solutions to solving them. However, it is important for the government to ensure these plans translate into meaningful change. There are no quick fixes, so they need to ensure change occurs across the board.

In addition to the government’s plans, organisations can help speed up the process of achieving gender equality by introducing a range of initiatives. For example, these include, offering flexible working, having family-friendly policies, and offering schemes such as returnships.