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11th April 2018

Gender Equality Toolkit launched for CEOs

The Women's Business Council has launched a new toolkit for male CEOs to provide support on closing the gender pay gap. Recommendations contained in the toolkit include building the female talent pipeline and encouraging the take up of shared parental leave.

enei chief executive Denise Keating commented:

"There is a damaging idea that men in senior positions are actively stopping women from achieving executive positions. The actual problem is far more complex, and includes inflexible childcare policies, unconscious bias and lack of role models.

"The biggest contributor though is simply indifference, which is far worse than deliberate obstruction. Gender pay gap reporting is a tool that highlights the issue inside organisations, but it won’t solve the problem on its own. HR, whilst a key instrument in driving change, can’t solve the issue on its own. Equality of opportunity doesn’t necessarily result in equality of outcome, as many women will decide to leave the workforce to raise children or take more junior roles that work around their families.

"However, executive leaders must do more to ensure that those who do want to work their way up the talent pipeline do have every opportunity to do so, and that barriers to progression for women are removed. This starts with something as simple as positioning shared parental leave with the same benefits as maternity leave."

Read HR Magazine's article here for more information.