23rd November 2021

Flexible working ranked top priority

A whitepaper* reveals that flexible working is now a top priority for job candidates, identified by 70% of HR professionals surveyed when asked about their experience of the recruitment process. Further to this, 67% of HR professionals surveyed said that a working from home policy was a key priority for candidates.

Both flexible working and working from home policies featured above salary, which was identified by 55% of HR professionals as a top priority for candidates, making it the third most common. Such factors demonstrate that companies are no longer able to rely on just salary to seal the deal on a new appointment but must consider a role holistically to win over potential new joiners.

Read the full article here https://www.thehrdirector.com/business-news/employee-benefits-and-reward/flexible-working-ranked-top-priority-for-jobseekers-cendex-data-shows/