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9th August 2019

Flexible work improves mental health, study suggests

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  • Flexible work improves mental health, study suggests

A study outlining the positive benefits of flexible working has found that more than a third of flexible workers have seen an improvement in their mental health, as experts warned against the impact of negative attitudes from management towards the topic.

Key findings from the survey found:

  • 39 per cent of those who worked flexibly had benefited from better mental health.
  • 43 per cent who did not have the option of flexible working felt it would enable them to better manage their mental health.
  • Almost one in seven (69 per cent) respondents felt flexible working helped them maintain a work-life balance. The same proportion of those not currently working flexibly said it would make them more productive.

The data also found a divide in opinions between men and women on flexible working. More than half of men not currently working flexibly felt it would help them manage their mental health, in comparison to just one third of women.

It is well documented that flexible working offers numerous benefits both to employees and employers. However, many organisations don’t offer flexible working practices due to it being difficult to manage. To overcome these challenges, find out how we worked with our Member to devise a global framework for flexible working, to help create a more inclusive culture and drive collaboration, improve innovation, increase talent attraction, and ultimately deliver better customer outcomes.

Moreover. to find out more about flexible working and how to successfully implement it into your organisation, read our Employer Guide.