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3rd October 2019

Employers told to ‘hold themselves accountable’ for ethnicity pay gaps

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Campaigners call for more businesses to collect race pay data and improve transparency around issues of discrimination.

A consultation on how ethnicity pay reporting might work was launched by Theresa May’s government, and closed in January, but the results have yet to be released.

According to a poll by BITC of 108 employers already signed up to their Race at Work Charter, nearly two-thirds of employers (63 per cent) monitored data on pay and ethnicity, a 2 percentage point increase on 2018. However, just 31 per cent – less than half of those collecting data – were choosing to publish their pay gap statistics.

In the survey, 97 per cent of firms reported having a clear zero-tolerance policy on racial harassment and bullying, and 98 per cent encouraged employees to call out bullying and harassment in the workplace. However, just 45 per cent of companies surveyed reported opening a review into racial bullying and harassment in the workplace.

The BITC survey also found 68 per cent did not ensure racial diversity on interview panels, with just 29 per cent having consistently racially diverse panels for promotion interviews.

Only 2 per cent of private sector organisations have targets to increase the racial diversity of their board and senior executive teams, in contrast to 62 per cent of public sector organisations.

The companies surveyed represent 1.3 million UK employees, 32,000 of which were managers with an ethnic minority background.

It's important that organsiations ensure their boards are racially diverse. To learn best practice on this, read our Case Study, which saw our Member, NELFT NHS Trust, develop an Ethnic Minority Strategy aimed at addressing breaking the glass ceiling. Moreover, for more information on Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting, you can read our Briefing Note on it here.