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26th July 2017

Denise Keating comments on Employment Tribunal fees judgment

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Following the Supreme Court’s ruling that Employment Tribunal fees are unlawful, enei chief executive Denise Keating commented:

“This is great news and removes barriers to justice for everyone who has been treated unlawfully by their employers. The Government has accepted that it must reimburse those who have already had to pay, and will stop charging fees immediately.

“There have been vocal protestations from the Women and Equalities Committee and the EHRC against the fees, but the Ministry of Justice stood firm despite significant evidence that the number of discrimination cases being brought to the courts was collapsing; rogue employers were able to treat their most vulnerable employees unlawfully with impunity.

“Acas has played a valuable role throughout the Tribunal Fees period in delivering arbitration between parties, and we believe that the early conciliation process should remain. However, it is crucial that those who feel that they have been wronged should have the opportunity to have their case heard in the courts.

“We know that employers are worried about an increase in vexatious and malicious claims amidst the legitimate requests for justice, and would encourage the Government to investigate methods to discourage this minority of claimants, without imposing punitive costs on the majority.”



Notes to Editors

The Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (enei) is the UK's leading employer network covering all aspects of equality and inclusion issues in the workplace. It is the only not for profit organisation in the UK supporting employers on all of the Protected Characteristics within the Equality Act 2010. Its members employ over 3.5 million people in the UK.

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