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16th March 2020

31 stories - A poem by Steph Meech the Deputy Chair Pride at SECAmb.

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Thanks for allowing me to introduce myself to you all on today March 31st which is the international Trans Day of Visibility. My name is Steph and I work for the South East Coast Ambulance Service as a Specialist Paramedic and an Operational Team Leader and I am a Trans Woman

When I joined the Ambulance Service back in 2002 never could I dream that one day I would be accepted for who I was and would be able to work as my true self without prejudice. I can safely say although my journey has been a struggle at times it has only made me stronger and I feel privileged to use my experience to help others with theirs.

I wrote a poem about me and my struggles and I would love to share it with you today and ask that you all be kind to each other.




A poem by Steph Meech, Deputy Chair Pride in SECAmb.

When I meet my maker 

And go up to the skies 

I will sit right down beside them 

And look them in their eyes 


Oh, why did you do this 

Oh, why will I cry 

My life has been a struggle 

Right up until I died 


I was not like the others 

I just did not fit in 

I had so many issues 

Just where would I begin 


I was born a boy 

But even I could see 

As I grew up 

There was no male in me 


I tried to be a good son 

A father and a dad 

But deep inside I am hurting 

And I’m feeling bad 


For I am a lady 

And I have always been 

I have just hidden her 

Didn’t want her to be seen


But now I am a female 

I just want you to see 

That girl that’s there in front of you 

That girl is really me 


Please do not judge me 

I do that by myself 

I want to be me know 

Not anybody else 


I may not be a beauty 

That I must confess 

With my dyed red hair 

And my long coloured dress 


But I am at peace now 

For who you now see 

Yep that Lady  

Well that lady is really me 


So don’t be afraid 

Don’t be shy 

Please don’t ignore me  

Please don’t walk on by.



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