Neurodiversity Roundtable: Guidance and Good Practice

What is your approach to supporting neurodiverse employees, policy implementation, and neurodiversity managerial guidance? These topics and more were discussed during this roundtable.

Please note there is no recording available for this event. However, the presenters’ slides are available to download.

Highlights and takeaways

This roundtable provided an opportunity to network with other DEI professionals and:

  • Learn from enei’s neurodiversity guidance and new resources 
  • Discover good practice and learn from a case study by a fellow enei member 
  • Discuss how your organisation can become more neuro-inclusive and share good practice.

Who might benefit from viewing the slides from this event?

DEI Professionals, HR and line managers

Who was our guest speaker?

Laura Valler Headshot

Laura Valler (She/Her), Employee Experience and Engagement Lead, LifeArc.

Laura is LifeArc’s Employee Experience and Engagement Lead. She has almost two decades of experience in HR, specialising first in Learning and Development and wellbeing before moving into employee engagement and experience, and ED&I. 
Laura has experience in both commercial and not for profit sectors and is passionate about building healthy, inclusive cultures at work which enable every colleague to thrive.


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This roundtable event was moderated by enei Diversity and Inclusion Lead Emma Jennings, and was conducted on 30 January 2024.

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The slides for this event are available to download.