BHM2023 – Guest Interview with Jarell Bempong

This informative session in celebration of Black History Month featured Jarell Bempong.

As part of enei’s Black History Month, this informal interview featured guest speaker Jarell Bempong, founder of Bempong Talking Therapy.

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Highlights and takeaway

During this session, we focused on the following:

  • Learning from the lived experiences of our guest speaker, 
  • The challenges and barriers faced by black men in the workplace, 
  • The importance of integrating focused mental health initiatives in the workplace, and 
  • Key takeaways for supporting black members of staff in the workplace.

Who might benefit from viewing the recording of this event?

D&I Leads, HR, Managers, Network Leads, Senior Leadership 

Who was our guest speaker?

Jarell Bempong (He/Him), Founder of Bempong Talking Therapy.

Headshot of the guest speaker, Jarell Bempong.Jarell is a psychotherapist, transformational coach, and speaker and stands at the forefront of mental health reform. As a black, gay, neurodivergent individual, he champions racial inclusion, leveraging his experiences to empower marginalised individuals.

He operates internationally from London and combines mental health expertise with practical therapeutic approaches. Jarell ignites discussions on diversity and inclusion, challenging societal norms and promoting positive change. His mission is to create a world where individuals from all backgrounds can thrive and where equitable, inclusive mental health care is the norm. Collaborating with Jarell signifies a commitment to social justice and an inclusive culture.

Jarell would like to extend a special offer to all event attendees in the form of a complimentary copy of his best-selling book, “White Talking Therapy Can’t Think in Black“. The offer is available until 26 of October. The download links are as follows:

For U.S.-based attendees:

For those in the UK:

No Kindle? No problem! The book can be read on any device using free Kindle software. You can download it here.


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This event was presented and moderated by Hugh O’Keeffe from the enei team and featured guest speaker Jarell Bempong from Bempong Talking Therapy. The session was conducted on 25 October 2023.

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