Norfolk Community Health and Care Trust – Spotlight on Innovative Approach to Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

Norfolk Community Health and Care (NCH&C) is an outstanding NHS trust that delivers community-based health and care services with over 70 service locations across Norfolk. NCH&C employs more than 2500 staff members, with over 80% being healthcare professionals.

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Despite positive outcomes from the 2022 National NHS Staff Survey, more frequent quarterly pulse surveys revealed disparities in experiences for individuals from underrepresented groups. The NCH&C leadership team felt they needed to find ways to navigate the complexities of ensuring that every member of their geographically diverse workforce felt engaged, included, and heard.

Innovative actions

NCH&C introduced Take a Moment with NCH&C podcasts, initiating a transformative communication approach. The debut episode addressed men’s mental health, which resonated deeply with male colleagues, and signified a notable shift in amplifying their voices within a predominantly female workforce. Since its inception, the podcast has evolved to encompass a wide array of topics, including carers, menopause, LGBTQ+ personal stories, and reasonable adjustments, totalling 80 episodes to date.
With over 8000 downloads, its presence on platforms like Spotify and Amazon Music ensures a broad audience reach beyond internal staff. To further enhance its scope and impact, the podcast is supported by a team of colleagues that actively pursues potential interviewees and collaborations while fostering staff engagement through volunteer storytelling.

Evidence of impact

The podcast’s impact transcends numerical data, evident in its effectiveness as a communication tool and recruitment magnet. Its presence on social media platforms enhances visibility and engagement, supported by analytics from the Orlo platform. In the first half of 2023, podcast-related social media posts reached 18,686 unique viewers, indicating significant interest, and driving traffic to NCH&C’s profile, a positive sign for recruitment efforts. Additionally, the podcast serves as a potent tool for potential recruits to gauge the organisation’s support and respect for its staff, fostering recruitment of a diverse workforce.
NCH&C’’s rebranding investment underscores its commitment to maintaining an engaging and visually appealing promotion for this innovative communication platform. Discussions are ongoing for future expansion, including the possibility of creating department and service-specific episodes to further enrich the podcast’s value within the organisation.

The information contained within this resource was accurate at the time of its publication. This article was created in March 2024.

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