Medical Protection Society – Spotlight on Leveraging Data to Advance Workplace Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

The Medical Protection Society (MPS) is the world’s leading protection organisation for doctors, dentists, and healthcare professionals, serving nearly 300,000 members globally.

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Like numerous other organisations, the tragic event of George Floyd’s death and the subsequent rise of the Black Lives Matter movement compelled MPS to undertake a thorough examination of its practices. It sought to identify areas where it could enhance support for colleagues from marginalised communities and actively cultivate an environment of inclusivity for all individuals within the organisation.

Innovative actions

MPS implemented a self-service screen on its HR system to support its diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) strategy, aiming to understand its demographic makeup in comparison to external candidates and the global healthcare workforce. To encourage active participation, MPS devised a dynamic communications campaign named #includeme, urging colleagues to share personal data, supported by user guides and external research. To sustain momentum and facilitate the inclusion of new employees, MPS conducted iterations of this campaign approximately every six months. Leveraging expertise from the DEI forum, MPS developed standardised yet inclusive system lists, acknowledging its global presence and emphasising the role of external data in future-proofing its DEI initiatives.

Evidence of impact

MPS has undertaken a comprehensive evaluation of its DEI strategy, leveraging both quantitative and qualitative data to inform its initiatives, increasing data completion rates to 81% and establishing colleague-led networks for various groups. These initiatives have led to tangible improvements, including a rise in ethnic minority hires to 27%, a 6% increase in the inclusion index among minority colleagues, and a 5% increase in the representation index, notably in disabled and racial representation among non-executive directors. These advancements underscore MPS’s commitment to DEI, with noticeable cultural shifts indicating a growing focus and awareness within the organisation.

The information contained within this resource was accurate at the time of its publication. This article was created in March 2024.

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