Active Prospects – Spotlight on Inclusive Culture

Active Prospects is a charitable care provider that enables those with learning disabilities, physical and mental health needs, and autistic people to live full and aspiring lives.

The organisation employs nearly 400 staff in South East England across various residential, supported living, and other types of care services. 


Active Prospects wanted to link their internal diversity and inclusion strategy with their organisational strategy. This initiative was intended to benefit both internal colleagues and those people that they serve. 

Innovative actions

Active Prospects created an organisation-wide equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) forum that was open for all staff members to attend and raise issues.  

The organisation prepared a series of short videos that featured staff talking about protected characteristics. They also improved maternity and paternity packages and introduced a menopause policy. In another inclusive culture initiative, mandatory EDI training for all staff and trustees was presented by the learning and development team at Active Prospects. 

In addition to publishing gender pay gap information, the organisation shared ethnicity and disability pay gap information as well. This showed the organisation’s genuine commitment to demonstrating transparency and driving an inclusive culture.  

Finally, the leadership team introduced certain specific governance structures to ensure the continuation of progress in these areas. 

Evidence of impact

After these initiatives were in place, the EDI forum conducted an overall talent management review. The findings indicated that 60% of service managers (and 56% of assistant service managers) came as a result of internal promotions. The review also revealed that an even higher percentage of management positions were filled by staff from underrepresented communities. 

The information contained within this resource was accurate at the time of its publication. This article was created in February 2023. 

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