Visit to Google Accessibility Discovery Centre (ADC), London

In this blog, enei Diversity and Inclusion Manager Kali Bolawole describes her visit to Google's Accessibility Discovery Centre (ADC) in London.

Google Accessibility Discovery Centre (ADC) sign

The ADC at Google is working to remove barriers to accessibility which can have an enormous impact on everyday life. Google is working with external partners and their internal Disability Alliance employee resource group on a number of projects in this area.

The ADC is a workshop for research and product development, and a space for collaborating, co-designing, and learning with the accessibility and disability communities. I was delighted to be given a tour of the centre by Christopher Patnoe, Head of Accessibility and Disability Inclusion for Europe, Middle East and Asia at Google.

Photograph of inside the ADC at Google, showing exciting arcade-style wooden booths to work at.
Christopher Patnoe (Head of Accessibility and Disability Inclusion – EMEA at Google) points out some of the features of the ADC.

The innovative designs, accessible technology and collaborative work that’s happening at the ADC is amazing, I was blown away by what Google and their partners are creating.  Members can find out more on how to support more people to access accessible technology that can aid their independence and self-empowerment in the workplace and beyond through enei’s suite of online resources, or by contacting the ADC and touring the facilities.

Cover image of book entitled 'Demystifying Disability'.