The deadline to submit your entries to be included in our seventh annual TIDEmark diversity and inclusion benchmarking is May 2024.  By taking part in our annual benchmarking exercise, you can also compare where you stand in relation to your competitors and other organisations in your sector.

TIDE is enei’s self-assessment evaluation and benchmarking tool. It measures an organisation’s approach and progress on diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI), TIDEmark is our annual benchmarking exercise, where your organisation’s approach to DEI will be compared to others in your sector and ranked against all our entries. The best submissions will also win a coveted TIDE award. 

TIDE is fast and easy to complete and requires minimal evidence gathering. It should take less than two hours to complete.  

When you submit your entry, you will receive an immediate feedback report showing you what your organisation can do to become more inclusive, and you will automatically be included in the benchmark.  

What are the benefits? 

  • TIDE is FREE for enei members
  •  Accessible, fast, and easy to complete
  • Participants can access TIDEmark, our annual benchmark, enabling them to compare their results with other organisations
  • TIDE uses inclusive language and a flexible framework, making TIDE relevant across the globe
  •  You can access instant results and actions required to generate improvement

The TIDE system is open. You can sign in and submit your TIDE entry here: Talent Inclusion & Diversity Evaluation ( 

If you have any questions relating to TIDE please contact your account manager or email and we would be delighted to assist.