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Unconscious Bias Workshop

  • 6th June 2017
  • 12:30 - 16:30
  • enei Offices, 32-36 Loman Street, London SE1 0EH

Led by Flora Alphonse, a respected diversity and inclusion expert, our cutting edge seminar will be structured in the following way:

What is Unconscious bias?

We will provide participants with an overview of the nature of bias and how implicit associations can and do impact on individual and group attitudes, behaviours and decisions-making processes within an organisational context. We will raise awareness of the science behind the concept of unconscious bias, including the biology of bias as well as raise awareness of the evidence on the nature of bias covering the major fault lines of race, gender, sexuality, disability and other social categories as well as the fault lines of education and social class.

The impact of Unconscious bias within an organisational context

Building on our understanding of the science behind unconscious bias we will explore the impact of bias on actual decision-making processes within an organisational context. We will provide real world examples, scenarios and case studies across key people management areas such as recruitment and selection, performance management and career progression. We will provide participants with:

  • An understanding of how individual and group bias impacts on management behaviour, decision-making and relationships
  • Some clarity on the impact of bias on individual and organisational performance in the UK/global market place
  • An understanding of networks of influence and how these lead to barriers to, for instance employee progression routes

Effective tools and techniques for reducing unconscious bias

Through our researched knowledge of the workings of unconscious bias we are able to identify a set of evidence based tools and techniques for reducing the impact of implicit associations and bias on organisational behaviour and decisions.

Our session will provide participants with:

  • Recognised tools to help measure implicit associations and bias
  • Practical ways in which to identify possible areas of individual and organisational bias
  • Evidence based bias reduction techniques

Feedback from our previous sessions:

"This was a very interesting and informative seminar. I knew nothing about unconscious bias when I arrived and I came away with a clear overview of what it means and the impact it can have as well as practical advice on reducing these impacts within an organisation. It was well led in an entertaining and thought provoking way. I would recommend this to anyone interested in this topic." Liz Chappell, Ministry of Justice

As organisations struggle to recruit, retain or promote diverse talent and to create workplace cultures that reflect new social attitudes the concept of ‘unconscious bias’ has, in recent years, emerged as a possible explanation to patterns of exclusion. Drawing on cutting edge research from across the globe this innovative seminar will provide participants with an understanding of the nature of unconscious bias and how it impacts on individual and group attitudes, behaviours and decision-making processes.


Core Members - Free

Corporate Members - £149 +VAT

Foundation Members £159 +VAT

Non Members - £249 +VAT