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Introduction to Gender Identity at Work

  • 24th September 2020
  • 10:00 - 13:00
  • This workshop will be hosted on Zoom


We know that an inclusive work culture is one where individuals can be themselves and where inclusive employers harness and nurture their diverse talent.

Gender identity is the personal sense of where we belong in our social lives as men or women – the ‘binary’ model of gender - or on the spectrum in between. This includes those who identify as being trans, non-binary, gender fluid or non-gender.

Trans is an umbrella terms to describe people whose appearance, characteristics or behaviours differ from socially accepted stereotypes about how men and women are expected to be. They describe a group of people who have experience of feeling gender different in some way.

Trans people can be a valuable asset to your organisation; in addition to the moral and legal drivers to treat all employees as individuals, transgender people can be resilient, creative and strong with good communication and negotiation skills, as a result of the challenges they have faced in life.


This introductory session, led by enei Associate Debbie Rotchell, will draw on the latest research, case studies and scenarios from leading employers to cover:

  • An overview of gender identity and trans
  • The demographics of gender identity
  • The legal framework including likely changes
  • How to support people with different gender identities at work