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Open to All: Inclusive Cultures, Equity Beyond Equality

12 March - 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

BBPA event poster with a graphic of two hands holding beer clinking glasses, and a scroll which bears the text "#OpenToAll"

This session clarifies equality and equity concepts, explores their real-world impact, and provides actionable solutions for fostering workplace equity.

Why should I attend this event?

By attending this event you will be supported in: 

  • Understanding the difference between equality and equity 
  • Understanding what equity in the workplace looks like in practice 
  • Understanding the barriers faced by different people in the workplace, and the negative impact this has on individuals and organisations 
  • Learning best practice solutions for ensuring equity in the workplace, and how to implement some of these things straight away 

Who should attend this event?

This is a webinar open to anyone interested in making their organisation more inclusive, but we would particularly recommend that HR teams, managers and senior leaders attend 

Guest speakers TBC