This guidance provides a range of information about the awards, in particular: the application process; the award categories; the requirement for evidence; the deadline for submissions; and how to access additional support, if required. 

What are the enei Inclusivity Excellence Awards?

The enei Inclusivity Excellence Awards provide a platform for organisations to showcase and share their achievements in promoting and progressing workplace diversity, equality, inclusion, and belonging It is an opportunity to recognise all the teams and individuals who are truly making the difference within their organisations. 

Submissions for the 2023 awards are now closed. The shortlist will be announced at the end of September 2023 – good luck to all our entrants!


Who are they for?

Submissions for the awards are now closed. 

Why should we submit an entry?

Not only will you be able to honour the dedication, hard work, and commitment shown over the year, you will also be helping other organisations learn and support their inclusion journeys.

Submissions for the awards are now closed. 

What were the award categories for 2023?

There were nine award categories to choose from, encompassing all aspects of workplace diversity, equality, and inclusion. 

The categories were: 

  1. Innovative Approach to Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion 
  2. Inclusive Culture 
  3. Progressive, Agile, and Flexible Working Practices 
  4. Driving Social Mobility and Social Inclusion in the Workplace 
  5. Enhancing Wellbeing and Belonging at Work 
  6. Leveraging Data to Advance Workplace Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion 
  7. Employee Network Group of the Year 
  8. Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Influencer of the Year 

Was there a cost to submit an entry?

No. There was no cost to submit award entries, and attendance at the awards celebration is free of charge. 

Submissions for the awards are now closed. 

Was there a limit to the number of entries an organisation can submit?

You could submit award entries in as many categories as you wished.

Submissions for the awards are now closed. 

What information was required to submit an entry?

As you might expect, some standard information was required, including detail of the organisation and the main contact, i.e. the person enei will communicate with regarding your application. You will also be asked for an alternative contact, in case at some point you are not available. 

In addition, depending on the category selected, there will be up to seven shortlisting questions.   

The shortlisting questions were designed to gather specific information relative to the category, including evidence of positive impact. They should have been responded to: 

  • anonymously, i.e. without any reference to the organisation or any individual names (with the exception of the influencer category) and  
  • as far as is possible, avoiding jargon or terminology which is specific to your organisation or sector, or language that could easily be misinterpreted. 

There was a limit to the word count for responses to each of the shortlisting questions.   

It is the outcome of the review of the responses to the shortlisting questions that will determine which applications will be shortlisted.  

How can applicants demonstrate the positive impact of their actions?

During the shorting and judging processes, we are trying to understand: 

  • What steps the organisation or individual has taken to improve inclusivity, 
  • The appropriateness of the approach, and  
  • The positive impact or outcome.  

Where you are asked for tangible results or detail of the positive impact, rather than aspirational statements, the judges are looking for specific evidence and data that demonstrates the effect and the difference your approach made e.g.:  

  • improved performance, 
  • improved diversity or representation,  
  • increased levels of employee engagement, or 
  • increased employee retention/reduced employee turnover etc. 

To find our more, have a look at the 2022 Winners’ Brochure. 

How much time should be allocated to complete an application?

The time it took to complete an application depended on several factors, including your knowledge of the subject area and if you required input from others. 

We made the following recommendations:

  • Week 1 – review the award categories and shortlisting questions to determine the relevant category/categories, i.e. where you can provide evidence/data that demonstrates the positive impact of your actions 
  • Week 2 – agree the category/categories you will submit applications for, confirm who will draft the submission, and reach out to colleagues for additional detail (as necessary)  
  • Week 3 – complete the first draft (this can be prepared offline, by saving the shortlisting questions in a separate document) 
  • Week 4 – proof-read and finalise your draft, circulating for approval (as required)
  • Week 5 – make any final amendments and submit your application online 

Submissions for the awards are now closed. Thank you for your participation. 

How can I access adjustments to enable me to complete an application?

Submissions for the awards are now closed. Thank you for your participation. 

When is the deadline for submitting an entry?

Submissions for the awards are now closed.

The shortlist will be announced in October 2023 – good luck to all our entrants!


What happens following the deadline for submitting an application?

The judging process will begin immediately after the closing date The shortlisting and judging will be based on the anonymised responses to the shortlisting questions.  

When will we hear if we are successful?

Shortlisted applicants will be notified by mid October.  We will also confirm those shortlisted on social mediaThe winners and highly commended in each category will be announced at the award ceremony. 

Who is invited to the award ceremony?

The shortlisted applicants – those that best demonstrate their commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion – will be invited to join us in person at the ceremony.  Those invited to the ceremony will be asked to advise of any accessibility or dietary requirements in their reply.   

At the ceremony, the shortlisted applicants will be joined by the enei team, including some of our trustees and the award sponsors.   

Where and when is the award ceremony?

It is anticipated the awards ceremony will take place in Central London in November 2023. 

Will feedback be provided to those who are unsuccessful?

Feedback will be provided to shortlisted applicants onlyUnfortunately, given the level of participation, we are unable to provide specific feedback to other applicants.  Following the awards ceremony, all applicants will be able to access the Winners’ Brochure, which will feature the winners and highly commended from each category. 

What else do I need to know?

There are two categories of recognition, winner and highly commended. Winners and highly commended in each category will receive a trophy and framed certificate respectively and, will be featured in our awards brochure. Those acknowledged at both levels will be able to share their stories on our website and celebrate with us on social media.

If you have any questions about the Awards please e-mail If you would like to find out more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jack Cluer on