Understanding Religion and Worldviews in the Workplace

This webinar introduced the religion and worldviews dimension in the workplace.

19 January 2022


Holocaust Memorial Day: A Time for Reflection, Remembrance, and Action

For Holocaust Memorial Day, our CEO Sandi Wassmer shares her hopes for a world without discrimination.

26 January 2022


The Human Model of Ability

After welcoming newly appointed Sandi Wassmer as CEO on 23 November 2020, enei asked Sandi to write about her experience with disability as this month enei raise awareness for disability within the workplace.

30 November 2021


Supporting Bereaved Colleagues in Your Workplace

This event looked at what it takes for companies to support staff members who are grieving.

7 December 2021


Understanding Gender Identity

After providing an overview of the challenges faced by trans workers, this discussion looked at ways to develop a supportive culture.

20 October 2021


National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day is an annual observance on 11 October to recognise and celebrate queer identities in order to decrease stigma, homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia. In this blog post, Emma Jennings, enei Diversity and Inclusion Lead, explains how coming out can be tiring…

12 October 2021


Introduction to Workplace Racial Equality

This event provided a practical examination of three workplace policies dealing with race.

1 October 2021


Putting Social Mobility Firmly in the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Mix

In this month’s blog, our CEO Sandi Wassmer reflects on the changes enei are making to open our organisation up to the widest pool of talent possible.

30 September 2021


Embracing Sexuality Without the Labels: A Journey of Discovery

Every year, the month of June is celebrated as Pride Month. In honour of this, Michelle Davies—Service Design and Delivery Director at enei—shares her personal thoughts about sexual orientation and identity.

16 June 2021


The Lived Experience of Discrimination: Speaking, Listening, and Doing Something About It

In this month’s blog, our CEO Sandi Wassmer reminds us of the importance of giving voice to the lived experience of anyone who faces discrimination.

12 April 2021