Equality in Action: Rethinking Impact Assessments in the Public Sector

Dive into a forward-thinking round table on the transformative power of Equality Impact Assessments in the public sector.

26 April 2024

Quick Guide

Disability Employment Gap

The purpose of this guide is to explore the subject of the disability employment gap and to provide practical guidance for employers that hope to address this gap in their workforce.

19 April 2024


International Women’s Day: Inspire Inclusion

Dive into a wealth of experience and insights as diverse female leaders take the stage in this recording commemorating International Women’s Day.

6 March 2024

Case Study

Medical Protection Society – Spotlight on Leveraging Data to Advance Workplace Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

The Medical Protection Society (MPS) is the world’s leading protection organisation for doctors, dentists, and healthcare professionals, serving nearly 300,000 members globally.

1 March 2024

Quick Guide

Disability Pay Gap Reporting

The purpose of this guide is to introduce disability pay gap reporting and to provide practical guidance for employers looking to report on their disability pay gaps.

29 February 2024


Data-Driven DEI Insights from TIDE Gold Award Winners

Join us for an insightful panel discussion featuring outstanding organisations that have attained gold status in enei’s Talent Inclusion and Diversity Evaluation (TIDE) Awards.

13 February 2024


Decoding DEI: The Power of Diversity Metrics

Watch this recording to unlock the value of diversity data in shaping a truly inclusive workplace.

6 February 2024

Case Study

Asahi UK Ltd – Spotlight on Leveraging Data to Advance Workplace DEI

Asahi UK Ltd is the UK subsidiary of Asahi Europe & International Ltd, a leading global beer, spirits, soft drinks, and food group, and has approximately 700 employees.

22 January 2024


Using the Right Words: Inclusive Communication

Want to keep up-to-date with evolving DEI terminology? During this session, we discussed good practice approaches to inclusive communication. 

6 December 2023


AI’s Double-Edged Sword for Workplace DEI

This session explored the transformative role of AI in DEI, uncovered its potential in boosting employee wellbeing, and delved into the critical concerns shaping its future. 

7 November 2023