Diversity is where difference is recognised and emphasised, but not actively leveraged to drive organisational success. Diversity is based on best practice and acknowledges the benefit of the workforce being representative of the organisation’s customers.

Diverse teams outperform homogenous teams. Diversity means difference, and different perspectives bring different solutions to those proposed by a homogenous group. Diversity is recognised for the organisational benefits derived from it, but many diverse organisations still struggle to use that diversity to its full advantage.

Over the last decade the ‘business case’ for diversity has steadily grown. A CIPD report, Diversity: Stacking up the Evidence set out the key business benefits for developing diversity orientated organisations. These include:

  • Greater access to different perspectives and sources of information
  • Greater understanding of customers 
  • Better communication with customers 
  • Increased legitimacy

However, organisational cultures often promote a homogenous ideal, with the idea of organisational fit dictating how employees should think and behave in order to progress. At senior levels, diverse organisations often suffer from homogenous thinking which limits the benefits of their diverse workforce.

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