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Social inclusion

The best organisations understand that they are only as good as their people and it is necessary to recruit the most talented people to ensure success.

Missing out on talents is costly to the bottom line, to an organisation’s competitiveness and to its future. 

In order to reach the most talented people, an organisation must have access to a wide talent pool, which means ensuring no one is overlooked for unjust reasons.

Social inclusion is achieved when people are able to do well in an organisation, irrespective of their background and upbringing. It is about enabling people to fully participate in employment, in the full range of roles, professions, sectors and employers.

There is untapped potential across the UK: people who didn’t go to a good school, the best university, have the right contacts or the ability to work without pay to secure a job. People from more educated, wealthier and higher employment status families are at an educational advantage in that they are more likely to attend independent schools, more prestigious universities and achieve higher levels of qualifications and classes of degree[1]. This puts them at an advantage in the job market unless employers respond.


[1] CIPD Improving social mobility; inside the HR profession and beyond, May 2013





Want to learn more? Contact our Social Inclusion subject lead:

Becky Brooks

UK Membership Director
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Becky is responsible for recruiting and engaging our Members to ensure their continued support for enei’s strategy, benchmarking, campaigns and network events. She also helps to develop, deliver and promote our training and consultancy to members and non-members. She is also co-chair of the WharfAbility and deputy chair of the MidlandsAbility disability networks as well as representing enei on the Disability Confident Professional Advisors Group.

Becky has over 30 years’ experience in senior HR roles in blue chip companies in the UK, including BAA Heathrow, Royal Bank of Scotland, Experian, AIG Insurance and TK Maxx.   Her most recent HR role was at Spirit Pub Company. She has also run her own business, specialising in team building and training using baking to engage participants.

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