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Inclusive Leadership Assessment Tool

In order to support businesses to embed best practice enei have designed a unique inclusive leadership assessment tool (ILAt). This new tool allows organisations to measure the extent to which inclusive leadership exists across a range of management and leadership populations. 
Our research has shown that Inclusive Leadership results in many positive outcomes to you and your organisation such as:

  • Enhanced performance and productivity
  • Greater loyalty
  • The advance of under-represented groups
  • Enriched creativity and innovation
  • Better services to clients, customers and service users
  • Better teamwork
  • Motivation to go the extra mile 
  • Higher retention
  • Diverse talent pool

Working with enei, you will receive executive coaching & development for your leaders to role model Inclusive behaviours that:

  • Create an inclusive environment, without bias that inspires a diverse employee population
  • Influences and impacts the culture of your organisation
  • Explore organisational strategy rather than exploit organisational processes.

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  • Underpins D&I Business Strategies
  • Confidentiality of the results
  • Personal Development for management and Senior leaders
  • Support from the UKs Thought Leaders on Inclusive Leadership

How does the ILAt work?

The ILAt offers your organisation the option of an individual completion or for each leader to undertake a 360 assessment. They are designed to give you an insight into your Inclusive Leadership Potential and what areas of development you can undertake to strengthen your behaviours.

360 Assessment- ILAt-360

Our ILAt-360 allows leaders to invite people who they work closely with to give feedback on their competencies as an Inclusive Leader. Individuals can invite the following people to rate them:

  • Line Managers
  • Direct Reports
  • Peers

Individual Assessment- ILAt-IA

Our ILAt-IA will give a baseline of the extent to which you or your leaders are demonstrating a set of inclusive leadership behaviours under each of the 15 core competencies. Individuals will receive a personalised feedback report. The feedback report will highlight areas for development & invite individuals to explore and develop key skills using enei ILAt Coaching support service.

ILAt Group Report

Organisations can receive an ILAt Group Report. The results of which can be explored as part of an enei inclusive leadership Masterclass. 

Get in touch now with your MEM or by email at to learn more about the ILAt !