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BITESIZE Training Packs

Fun learning for all on the Equality Act 2010!

BITESIZE packs are learning materials you can use in face to face training, email shots, newsletter articles or given out as and when needed.  Each pack contains:

  • The Presentation gives an overview of the Equality Act 2010 as it relates to the BITESIZE subject.
  • Fact Files summarise the presentation and give extra info - for example, the Religion and Belief BITESIZE pack includes a Fact File on how to manage bereavement for the major world religions.
  • Exercises can be used to do a quick true or false session or as a trigger for an in-depth debate on a particular subject.
  • Quizzes that test knowledge.  There are different quizzes for managers and employees. 

Running a BITESIZE session

HR or Diversity Managers would be easily able to run sessions themselves – the presentation plus all the exercises and quizzes are designed to be intuitive and each can be completed in an hour.  To stimulate debate, a longer session would allow for discussion of the answers with the group. 

Alternatively, we can facilitate the sessions for you.   For up to 20 people at your location we will facilitate up to three BITESIZE packs.

Sessions can also be run at our offices in central London if you prefer.  

BITESIZE Topics & Costs

  • The Equality Act 2010 - £150+VAT (Members) £350+VAT (Non Members)
  • Age - £100+VAT (Members) £250+VAT (Non Members)
  • Disability - £100+VAT (Members) £250+VAT (Non Members)
  • Gender Reassignment - £100+VAT (Members) £250+VAT (Non Members)
  • Harassment & Victimisation -  £150+VAT (Members) £350+VAT (Non Members)
  • Race - £100+VAT (Members) £250 (Non Members)
  • Religion or Belief - £100+VAT (Members) £250+VAT (Non Members)
  • Sex (includes Pregnancy & Maternity) - £100+VAT (Members) £250+VAT (Non Members)
  • Sexual Orientation (includes Marriage & Civil Partnerships) - £100+VAT (Members) £250+VAT (Non Members)

Get one pack free if you pay £900+VAT (Members) £2,200+VAT (Non Members) for the complete programme.

  • enei facilitation of one pack at enei offices £200+VAT (£400+VAT Non Member rate) plus cost of pack
  • enei facilitation of three packs at enei offices £550+VAT plus cost of pack   

The charges are the same for enei facilitation at your location but we will add our expenses.

How do I order BITESIZE?

Order yours today - by completing our order form.

If you have any queries please contact:
Magali Merindol 020 7922 7834