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The Winners

Celebrating Success; Inspiring Others

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Private Sector Award - Overall


Winner: MITIE

In 2004 MITIE set up The Real Apprentice, a training and nurturing programme aimed at securing sustainable local staff. The Judges said of them and the programme: “This is a fantastic initiative which reaches into parts of the community often forgotten and provides access to opportunities that deliver real benefits to individuals, businesses and communities. MITIE’s commitment to learn and evolve is a brilliant role model for organizations determined to make a difference.

Public Sector Award - Overall

Met Police

Winner: Metropolitan Police

The Metropolitan Police is the largest employer in London and has introduced a number of innovative programmes to improve their representative workforce and the participation of diverse communities. The Judges said: “The Metropolitan Police Service has a significant range of initiatives and activities in place to address diversity and equality challenges. It is clear that diversity is embedded into all their activities with very impressive results.”

Large Employer of the Year Award

Land Registry

Winner: Land Registry

The Judges were impressed by the Land Registry’s attempts to diversify, commenting: “The Land Registry approach is wide reaching with a change in overall governance and top level commitment to diversity supported by clear objectives. This has resulted in diversity being successfully embedded in the business.”

Small Employer of the Year Award


Winner: Tate

The Judges commended Tate’s efforts in changing the existing culture and educating its staff saying: “The Directors recognised the benefits of addressing issues raised by employees and is to be congratulated on their determination to change the culture. Tate’s consultation with employees demonstrated real commitment which led to a massive step change with a very impressive and measurable impact.”

Representative Workforce Award

Met Police COD

Winner: Metropolitan Police Service - Central Operations Department

The Judges commended the Metropolitan Police Service for its continuous efforts to improve and diversify: “The Metropolitan Police Service shows a coordinated internal and external effort to improve the participation of diverse communities. There is a rigorous framework which monitors performance and seeks feedback to continuously improve.”

Employee Engagement Award

uni of cambridge

Winner: University of Cambridge

The Judges praised Cambridge for instilling its core values on the running of the University: “The University of Cambridge has built a very impressive, robust network of consultative forums which influences many people. It has increased membership and shared good practice with excellent results. It is clear that there are opportunities for everyone to be involved in achieving the University’s core values.”

Excellence in Training Award


Winner: Santander supported by Global Diversity Practice

The Judges were impressed with Santander’s initiatives such as Diversity Awareness Training, saying: “Santander has successfully achieved a cultural shift through the provision of business focused diversity training with clear objectives that involved every business leader. There is strong evidence of impact which is informing future activity on behavioral and cultural change.”

Tapping into Talent Award


Winner:  MITIE

The Judges felt that the Real Apprentice scheme was deserving of the winning entry into this category commenting: “This is a very innovative winning entry from MITIE with top level commitment and excellent success rates. Its determination to develop and deliver a successful programme is inspiring and encouraging.”

Inclusive Procurement Award

Law Society

Winner: The Law Society

The Judges said of the Law Society: “The Law Society’s initiative is clearly very successful and has a big impact with a massive reaching through employers. It is truly setting the standard for equality as part of the procurement process.”

Team of the Year Award

NHS employers

Winner: NHS Employers

The Judges said NHS Employers deserve recognition for its hard work and dedication, commenting: “NHS Employers has built up a strong team with great influence across the whole of the NHS. Its holistic focus on engaging everyone through the use of innovative communication techniques is impressive.”

Employee Network Group of the Year

environment agency

Winner: Environment Agency

The Environment Agency drove its agenda with a number of awareness campaigns such as Women’s Day 2011. The Judges felt it was worthy winners of the award saying: “The Environment Agency’s Women’s network is well structured with lots of activity and innovative interventions that has made a significant difference to women in the workplace. Those involved are to be congratulated on their achievements.”

Equality & Inclusion Champion of the Year

Joint Winners:

Maria Tonks, West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

Maria Tonks

Natalie Bickford, HR Director, Sodexo

Natalie Bickford

This award is aimed at Equality and Inclusion ambassadors who have made a significant contribution to improving the culture within their workplace. The Judges said: “The scale of the challenge for Maria Tonks in this traditional sector is huge. The service has top level commitment and has successfully embedded equality and diversity into the way they work which is down to Maria’s drive and determination to make a difference.”

Of Natalie Bickford they said: “Natalie’s passion for diversity and inclusion has resulted in a level of engagement that has genuinely changed attitudes and behaviors. The culture change has been considerable.”

Community Impact Award


Winner: Minority Supplier Development UK

The judges commended their drive and impact on diversity commenting: “Minority Supplier Development has successfully influenced business to reach out to a diverse group of suppliers which benefits them, their customers and the suppliers. This small, passionate and committed team has made a huge impact, driven strategic change amongst procurement teams and helped ethnic minority businesses to grow and be successful.”






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