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Fuller Working Lives: a partnership approach

6 February 2017

Last week the Government published their policy paper on older workers: "Fuller Working Lives: a partnership approach"

enei Chief Executive Denise Keating commented:

“We are delighted that the Government’s refreshed “Fuller Working Lives” strategy, published today, recognises the need for a partnership approach to drive change in the retention, retraining and recruitment of older workers. Actions taken by Government can set the framework, but it is employers who must lead by developing plans and policies which meet the challenges presented by an ageing workforce. As well as confronting ageist attitudes and calling out age discrimination, this may require action on many fronts: including encouraging flexible working, managing employee health, supporting those with caring responsibilities, and ensuring that older workers are provided with the training they may need to adapt to the changing world of work."

Since the report was published the Government's Business Champion for Older Workers has called for employers to increase the employment rate for older workers from 59% to 66%, a target of 1 million new jobs.

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