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Parker Review Launches

8 November 2016

Sir John Parker has launched the review into ethnic diversity in UK boardrooms, after research showed that only 1.5% of UK FTSE 100 board directors were from a non-white background, with 53 companies having all-white boards. The Review calls for one BAME board member in every FTSE 100 company by 2021.

enei chief executive Denise Keating commented:

“Thestarting point of this review, that the boards of the UK’s leading companies do not represent the ethnic diversity of the UK will come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the Davies Review into women on boards and other research by Green Park and the Cranfield University School of Management. The surprise is just how far away the FTSE 100 is from being representative of the wider UK, with only 1.5% of directorships being held by non-white UK citizens.

“The review sets down a challenge to all FTSE 100 businesses to appoint at least 1 non-white board member by 2021, and we have seen with the Davies Review that this non-legislative approach works – to an extent. What must be avoided is the temptation for businesses to make up the numbers through non-executive appointments; an approach which fails to drive diversity through organisations and does nothing to remove barriers to progression and develop talented BME employees to reach their potential.”

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